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 Offer Solution of Individual Custom Made


  Concentrated on the development of watch tools, Rusiwe provide systematic watch tools and accessories for manufacturing enterprises, traders, watch maintenance agencies, and individuals from all over the world, whilst offer solutions of individual custom made so as to meet the innovation of watch tools and changes of market needs.



  Ⅰ Solution Process to personalized cunstomization of watch tools and accessories


Put forward questions -- provide feasible solutions -- modify and determine solutions -- enter manufacturing and assembling process -- finish solutions.


1. Put forward questions -- put forward configuration requires for products needed solutions.


2. Provide feasible solutions -- provide configuration program for products structure according to the need.


3. Modify and determine solutions -- investigate the feasible solutions together and determine the final solution.


4. Enter manufacturing and assembling process.


5. Work out solutions.




Ⅱ The application of solutions to product matching and questions


1. Solutions to watch tools set configuration

   We provide personized professional configuration according to the need that customers attached to unconventional set tools and packaging.


2. Solutions to watch tools customization

   We provide set manufacturing for watch tools in different types and specifications.


3. Solutions to watch accessories cunstomization

   We provide design and manufacturing for both conventional and unconventional watch accessories.


4. Solutions to products marketing

   We provide bundled service for full-range products supplying.


5. Solutions to brand marketing

   We provide  design and production for products logo and packaging according to different needs.





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