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Timegrapher MTG-5000H

Item No: 30206
Name: Timegrapher MTG-5000H
MOQ: 1

This is an ideal instrument to test your mechanical watch. The tester is designed as an all-in-one structure. The main machine, the power adapter and the microphone are all combined onto one chassis.  It is high-grade model of the MTG-H series which has higher test accuracy and more powerful functions. So it is best equipped to meet all requirements of a professional watch services.

Parameter Specification


1.  There are the displays of diagrams of  beat noise, the numerical values of rate, amplitudes and beats errors, adding the maximun difference of rates and amlitudes among warious positions when executing programmed testing.

2.  It is served the function of long-term monitoring of rate and amplitude.
3.  960 dots extraordinary long diagram of beat noise can be display on the   LCD.
4.  Test with ±0.2s/d high degree of accuracy can be carried out.
5.  There is perfect print function, the diagram and values mentioned above all can be printed by heat sensitive printer.
6.  It is served the functions of multi-rate display, time and calendar display, acoustic stimulation of beat noise.
7.  Automatic microphone and micro-printer can be equipped.


Technical Specifications


  • Beat number:   18000b/h, 19800b/h, 21600b/h, 25200b/h, 28800b/h and 36000b/h, can be selected automatically or manually.
  • Ranges of displayed numerical results and their accuracy:

                   Rate:   Normal Accuracy :     -300 s/d ~ +300 s/d           Accuracy:  ±1 s/d

                               High Accuracy:           -99.9 s/d ~ +99.9 s/d         Accuracy: ±0.2s/d  

                  Amplitude:  100°~ 345°        Accuracy:  ±3

                  Beat error:  0 ~ 4.0ms           Accuracy:  ±0.1ms

  • Length of diagram displayed:  480 dots or 960 dots
  • Data stored:  1920beats
  • Position tested:   1 ~6 positions
  • Lift angle:  30°~ 60°, default value: 52°
  • Power supply:  Single phase, AC 90V~ 250V, two wires, power consumption about 15W.
  • Weight:   1.9 kg
  • Dimensions:   width x depth x height: 190x270x250mm ; LCD panel closed: 190x270x135mm
  • Environment:  Temperature 0~ 60°
  • Humidity:  0~ 90°  RH



TYMC multifunction timegrapher MTG 5000,6-position microphone, manual, dust cover.