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Timegrapher MTG-4000H

Item No: 30205
Name: Timegrapher MTG-4000H
MOQ: 1

The timegraphers of MTG-4000H is used to test the performance of mechanical watches. On the large size colored LCD screen. The diagram of watch beats is display. At the same time, the numerical values of rate, amplitude and beat error are automatically calculated and displayed. If a heat sensitive printer is equipped, all displayed diagram, and the numerical values could be printed.

The functions of multi-rate display, diagram shift, time and calendar display, acoustic stimulation of beat noise and function of testing pause are all served by MTG-4000H.

This tester is designed as an all-in-one structure. The mainframe, the power adapter and the microphone are all combined onto one chassis. Heat sensitive micro-printer and automatic microphone can be equipped with MTG-4000H as optional attachments.

The instrument has 2 testing modes, normal testing mode and programmed one, and 2 diagram display modes, pushing mode and extending mode.

Parameter Specification




Technical Specifications

  • Beat number:   18000b/h, 19800b/h, 21600b/h, 25200b/h, 28800b/h and 36000b/h, can be selected automatically or manually.
  • Ranges of displayed numerical results and their accuracy:

                   Rate:  -300 s/d ~ +300 s/d          Accuracy:  ±1 s/d

                  Amplitude:  100°~ 345°               Accuracy:  ±3°                 

                 Beat error:  0 ~ 4.0ms                 Accuracy:  ±0.1ms

  • Length of diagram displayed:  480 dots  corresponding to 80s (60s)*
  • Data stored:  720beats, corresponding to 120s (90s)*
  • Position tested:   1 ~6 positions
  • Lift angle:  30°~ 60°, default value: 52°
  • Power supply:  Single phase, AC 90V~ 250V, two wires, power consumption about 10W.
  • Weight:   1.9 kg
  • Dimensions:   width x depth x height: 190x270x250mm ; LCD panel closed: 190x270x135mm 


TYMC multifunction timegrapher MTG-4000H,6-position microphone, manual, dust cover.