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Bracelet Pin Remover SILVERY

Item No: 10160
Name: Bracelet Pin Remover SILVERY
MOQ: 500

·This multipurpose watch band tool is made of high grade aluminum.
·Designed for quick remove watch band link pins or add links to your watch band.
·Fits bands up to 30mm wide.
·Adjustable base to fit for different thickness of watch band
·3 replacement pins: 0.8mm.
·All metal construction for guaranteed durability.
·Compact and portable.
·Package Contents: 1 x watch band link remover, 3 x pins.


1.Four colors ( cerise, pink, blue and black) are available; and the color is


2.Usually, if not correctly use this tool, the pin tip may appear curve and

fracture.When use this tool, the tool pin tip need line up to the pin hole of

your bracelet, then slowly screw the botton wiht one hand, at the same time, use

your thumb of the other hand to press your bracelet. Then the bracelet can be

removed easily.

Parameter Specification